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Total confusion running inside of my head. Even my life.

I did so many things that I should not done.

I still have a heart, I have the willing to get out of this mess.

I know I cant but there are many temptation in this cruel world, you know?

You can scratch FAMILY SCHOOL and FRIENDS from my "Happiness Factor" list.

At least I know I will always have someone.

Even every time I think about it my heart breaks.

Because this is also the thing i DO , but should not be done in my life.

Cant you see? This is a mess.

Even my only source of happiness does not belong to me!

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If you hear this, wherever you are, just know I need you here, I need you near me now

You were brighter than the pale white moon reflected in your eyes

So I guess it's no surprise, I can't forget you, no matter what I do

I will always carry you in my heart

You'll always be my shooting star...

Autumn days will fade away, but memories will always stay the same

I'm hoping you will never change,
don't ever change

I just need to slow down for a while, I'm missing your warm smile

And the way you used to say
“Stay with me until the daylight breaks, no matter what it takes
just say you'll stay”